Gerry Hairgrove


In 2014, Gerry lost her husband of 30 years following ten years of fighting cancer and multiple complex health issues.  In spite of his many battles during that time, he did see their two sons grow up, finish college and start their adult lives, but missed many of the best times – weddings, grandchildren and hopefully Gerry’s retirement. Gerry found support in her church bereavement group and counseling, but found no peer support and certainly no social connection.  Shortly after her husband’s death a friend sent her some information on Joy Kirsch and The Widow’s Journey.  She had no idea how much she really needed this group as the loneliness and isolation seemed to envelop her. 

After joining TWJ later that year, she began to find her balance and many wonderful new friends.  Two years later, she joined the board and serves as its Treasurer. 

Gerry has had a long and successful career in finance for almost 40 years, working at two Wall Street investment banks and her current firm, Ponder & Co., an advisory firm specializing in health care finance.  Working with and supporting widows through TWJ has become an important and unexpected passion for Gerry as it has made such a difference in her own life from being in a deep state of grief to actually finding joy in many new friends and activities.  “There is such love and power in connecting with these amazing women – my life has been so enriched just by knowing them and working beside them these past few years.” 

As she nears retirement, Gerry finally has time for more leisure travel, the arts, cooking, playing the piano and just enjoying this new chapter.  She hopes to inspire her widow sisters as we take this journey together and that no widow feels alone without support.   

Gerry has two sons, both are married, one grandson, five nieces who also lost their father (Gerry’s brother) when they were in their 20s, a lot of extended family and many treasured friends – all of which she counts as her many blessings.