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Introduction & Welcome Committee

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Although none of us ever hoped to join the wisterhood club, studies show that there are parts of healing that can only happen in community. We are absolutely delighted to connect with our wisters who want to learn and grow in a group setting as we strive to “Love it Forward”.

Because we honor the privacy of our ladies, we do not announce our meeting locations on our website. Instead we ask that you contact us to tell us more about your story. Members of our Introduction & Welcome Committee can then provide you with information on our group and the meeting registration process, greet you when you arrive for your first meeting, follow up with a welcome email, and get you invited to join our Private Facebook page. Ready to join us? Contact Us and tell us more about you.



Holistic Health

Scientists can measure the effects of grief on our brains. (Functional Neuroanatomy of Grief: an fMRI study, Nov 1, 2003, American Journal of Psychiatry). The blood literally drains from the higher thinking parts of our brains to the emotional processing centers, making decision-making more difficult. In addition, compromised immune systems lead to higher chances of the widow herself developing disease in both the short and long-term.

Our holistic health committee focuses on the overall well-being of the widow with the goal of improving physical and mental wellness through improved cognition and mental and emotional processing. We do this by educating widows about these topics at our monthly meetings and providing resources (LINK) on our website.


Education & Programs Committee

The Education & Programs Committee puts together our monthly meetings by identifying timely and engaging speakers on topics that widows need to know.  We address the whole person, both inside and out, with topics ranging from health and nutrition to organizing and feeling safe in your home, dealing with relationships post-loss, and legal and financial issues.  We include social time and table discussion in each meeting as we learn so much from each other. You can find handouts from some of our previous speakers here.



Social Committee

The committee plans the fun activities that happen outside our regularly scheduled monthly meetings and maintains our private Facebook Page. Once you’ve attended a monthly meeting, you’ll have access to our “Members Only” Calendar where you can check out all upcoming events. From movies and plays to concerts under the stars and shopping events, we plan a wide array of activities to get you out of the house with a group of encouraging friends who understand your circumstances.

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Financial Empowerment & Widows In Need (Win)

The goal of the Financial Empowerment & WIN Committee is to give Wisters the sense of financial and emotional security that comes from being able to support themselves and their families. We do this by educating widows about legal, tax and financial topics at our monthly meetings and providing resources on our website.

Our short-term goal is to identify resources to serve widows in our community who need job and financial skills training in order to survive and thrive.Our long-term goal is to lift more widows out of poverty and allow all widows, regardless of income or net worth levels, to be financially secure and more productive members of society.

“The pain associated with the administrative side of widowhood perpetuates the emotional pain and vice-versa. The widow hardly has time to plan the funeral before she’s required to go back to work. Then she has to figure out her finances, process paperwork, apply for benefits, and change account titles and beneficiary designations, all while handling her grief and that of those around her.”

— Joy D. Kirsch, CFP®, CeFT® And Founder, The Widow’s Journey

“The median amount that widows received from any of their spouses’ accounts (most commonly Survivor’s Social Security and Life Insurance) was $28,000.”

“Widows report their top financial challenges as: Becoming the sole financial decision maker, Adjusting to a loss in income and Navigating Paperwork.”

— Feb 2018 Survey Of Widows Sponsored By Merrill Lynch And Age Wave


Community Awareness & Fundraising

With only 4% of charitable dollars in the US spent on females in general, the plight of the widow is largely ignored. And yet losing a spouse is reported as the most difficult experience a person goes through (source the other CM survey), young widows have little to no support in the community, and the rate of poverty among elderly widows is consistently three to four times higher than elderly married women.” (SSA, 2005) 

The goal of the Community Awareness & Fundraising Committee is to make the public aware of The Widow’s Journey and keep us financially viable at both the organization level and the individual widow level.  With a million new widows being added each year, we aim to inform the public of the physical, emotional, psychological, social and financial challenges the widow faces and the support we provide during her journey. We want to get the word out so that each widow is better prepared to move back into society and “Love it Forward.”