How We Can Help

All widows are invited to join us for monthly educational meetings during the school year and social activities throughout the year. There are several committees in existence (and others that are “under construction”) to promote our mission, with the end result of helping you move through the chrysalis of your grief and emerge into the woman of your choosing.  All committees are staffed by other widowed volunteers because we recognize the healing that comes from giving back to the community and specifically to others who have walked The Widow’s Journey.


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Welcome Committee

Although none of us ever hoped to join the wisterhood club, studies show that there are parts of healing that can only happen in community. We are…

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Education & Programs Committee

The Education & Programs Committee puts together our monthly meetings by identifying timely and engaging speakers on topics that widows need…

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Social Committee

The committee plans the fun activities that happen outside our regularly scheduled monthly meetings and maintains our private Facebook Page…

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Holistic Health

Scientists can measure the effects of grief on our brains. The blood literally drains from the higher thinking parts of our brains to the emotional…

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Financial Empowerment & Widows in Need (Win)

The goal of the Financial Empowerment & WIN Committee is to give Wisters the sense of financial and emotional security that comes from…

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Community Awareness & Fundraising

With only 4% of charitable dollars in the US spent on females in general, the plight of the widow is largely ignored. And yet losing a spouse is…

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We have several other committees that we would like to form if we only had the volunteers who were ready!

Our wish list includes a Wister Sister Committee to reach out to those who have previously come to meetings but we’ve lost contact, a Champions committee to lobby on behalf of widows both nationally and in the DFW area, and a Membership committee to maintain the Directory of names and contact information so that our wisters can contact each other outside of scheduled meetings. 

If you would like more information about our group or events, or feel called to serve in any of these roles or on an existing committee, please Contact Us.