Health Check List - 2016

What Better Gift than the Gift of Health?

Health Checklist for 2016

_____Annual physical exam with your internist

_____OB-GYN examination

_____Dental examination

_____Eye examination

_____Fitness evaluation

_____Regular exercise

_____Calcium Score - Baylor Hospital $195; not covered by insurance. Preventive

test showing blockages, etc.

_____Nutrition - Eat right and supplement with Vitamins, Calcium and Iron!

_____Sleep - Reduce caffeine; make sure room is comfortable temperature,

reduce alcohol, heavy meals and exercise right before bedtime.

_____Call friends routinely who pick you up and make you laugh for a boost!

_____Pamper yourself - Take a bubble bath, light candles, get a massage, play

music, have a glass of wine in the good crystal, spend time in nature,

take up a new hobby!

_____Join a weekly Bible Study or grief group.

_____Write down a weekly plan to include time for yourself.

_____Breathing and meditation - Take 15-20 minutes daily to mediate and

breathe deep

Google can be your best friend in researching all areas from recipes, diets, exercise, self-guided

meditation, etc.

Simple at home workout split/circuit

Shoulders - Crabwalk +Side Plank

While in the crab position, try to advance 10-12 crab steps toward an area where you can perform the side plank directly after. If you cannot perform the moving crabwalk, simply hold yourself in the crab position statically for 30 seconds to a minute. Be sure to carefully move when in the crab position as the ball joint within your shoulder can be vulnerable. When ready to advance, add in 30 crab dips in between sets by setting up in crab position and bending at the elbow slightly to return to straight armed position, all the while keeping your glutes clear from the ground.


Chest - Crawl outs + couch push ups

•Starting from a standing position or on your knees, walk out with your arms distally away from your body, hold that now plank position for 5 seconds, and then proceed to walk back in. Directly after performing the crawl outs, head to the couch to begin incline style push ups. For these you want to be about a foot away from your couch with your hands placed firmly on the edge. Slowly lower your self down and return back up at the same speed. When at the top of the push up, squeeze your chest tightly and allow it to register the tension. Perform 10-12 reps. After incline, now we need decline. You will now be closer to the couch and your hands placed underhanded. Same form. Depth is optional but the squeeze is the important emphasis.


Back - Reverse snow angels + superman flexion + hip hinge

While lying face down, you'll want to start out with your hands outstretched above you while keeping tension engaged. Lower your arms to make a "T" and again, allow tension to innervate the rhomboids. Lastly, lower your arms behind you and to your hips. The last movement should be felt in your lats. To perform the superman exercise, you can begin in the same position you started for the reverse snow angels, only you will simply elevate your feet and hands/upper torso for quick simple reps. The hip hinge demands that you stay in a proper position (butt out chest and chin up) and slowly performing the reps, feeling the movement in the lower back and glutes.


Legs -

Penny pick up

Toss around 10-20 coins on the ground to "properly" pick them up. This means starting from a point of good anatomical position and lowering yourself to the ground to retrieve the coins, trying your best to not bend at the hips so much as sink. Key points: 1. Head and chin up slightly. 2. Butt out and back straight and rigid. 3. Use your glutes NOT your back. This repeated repositioning will incur better muscle memory for squats.

Penny Pick Up.jpg

Slow Mountain climber

Not the high speed mountain climber that you’re used to. This is a form and squeeze exercise. Instead of pumping your legs back and forth, you will assess your range or movement and begin by placing your legs in indifferent locations (legs split) and focusing on the quadriceps that are extended behind you. For this leg, you will balance to the front of your toe as best as you can and flexing that leg as hard as possible for approximately 2 seconds. Switch legs and perform the same.

Slow Mountaon Climber.jpg

Directional Donkey kicks + Standing Donkey kicks

While on all fours, abduct your leg away from your hip and squeeze for a second. From that position, immediately rare your leg backwards in a "scorpion" motion and squeeze in that position as well. When returning to the start, attempt to touch your knee to your chest to attain a stretch for the glute.

Donkey Kicks.jpg

Side plank dips + Lying Abductors

While in the side plank on your elbow, attempt to lower your hip to the ground and return. Short fast movement to be performed by time. For the lying abductors, lay on your side with your ground side arm over your head and over side arms rested on your side. Complete 20 reps using slow, wide range squeezing movements to immediately perform another 20-40 reps fast, maintaining a wide range of motion.

Side Planks.jpg