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"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has beauty, power and magic in it." - Johann von Goethe

Enlighten Me! Take this quiz to see if a Professional Organizer can help you. If your answer to a question is "TRUE", circle the number next to the question.

Your Space

1) Do you find it difficult to create or maintain order on your desk, in your closets or drawers?

2) Have you repeatedly tried to create organization systems, at home or in the office that never seem to last?

3) Does your car "not" fit in your garage?

4) Do you know where your family's important paperwork is-- insurance, wills, financial -- right now?

5) Does it seem you are regularly looking for something... your keys, your shoes, scissors, etc.?

6) Are you embarrassed or ashamed to have people over because of the clutter?

7) Can you actually work at your desk in your home office?

Your Life

8)Do you feel your life is out of balance?

9)Does your life bore you?

10) Do you wish you had more time and energy for fun stuff?

11)Do you feel stuck and long for real, lasting change in your life?

12) Do you find it difficult to make time for yourself?

13) Are you longing to make radical changes in your physical lifestyle? (weight loss, smoking cessation, better eating habits, more exercise...)

14) Are you regularly forgetting important events or appointments?

15) Do you find yourself scrambling to get things done at the last minute? 16)Do you feel you could get further in your life, if only you had someone to motivate you?

Your World

17)Are you dreading an upcoming event because of all of the planning and details that you must take care of?

18) Do the people you work with seem to operate reactively rather than proactively?

19) Does your business waste money on office supplies it already has, but doesn't know where to find? (ie., scissors, paper, tape, pens,

staplers, etc.)

20) Would your life be easier if your team or office "got it together?"

Scoring Give yourself one point for every YES or circled question.

1-5 Congrats, you have a true talent for getting and staying organized. Keep up the good work!

6-12 You understand the ideal of being organized, but actually applying your insight to your life is difficult. You find yourself wishing someone would magically appear to straighten up your life.

13-20 Organization is NOT your strong suit; in fact, your business, home life and/or self image are suffering. The good news is you CAN make order out of the chaos in your life! Simplicity, productivity and efficiency are within your reach.

Whether your needs are great of small, whether you need an organized closet or new lease on life, you have com to the right place. If you are ready to get your life in order, our Living Well team can help.

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