An Introduction to Counseling

What is stopping you from being the best version of yourself?

Rachel Gerbosi MS, LPC, LMFTA, LCDC

Catalyst Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

Reasons one would seek counseling:




●Life transitions/adjustments


●Mental health disorders (depression, anxiety, etc.)

●Relationship support/improvement

●To simply talk to someone, in a non-judgemental and safe setting

Everyone has experience with at least one of these reasons, however,

why are so many people reluctant to seek counseling?

Common reasons counseling is avoided:

●Fear of being judged or misunderstood

●Bringing up painful memories

●“I should be able to deal with this on my own”

●Only people with major issues seek therapy

●Not wanting to commit out of fear of being stuck in therapy for life

●“It’s been too long to discuss it now.”

Counseling can be A powerful method of healing and growth.

IT can help us work through challenges, increase our self-awareness,

clarify our values, and strengthen our relationships.

What actually happens in therapy?

●Therapy does not ‘fix’ you, because you are not broken

●Progress happens gradually

●Therapists do more than listen, but do not tell you what to do

●Therapy takes time but doesn’t have to last forever

●Therapy is not about digging for unconscious issues that don’t exist

Happiness is not just a place, but also a process... Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and... it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy."

-Ed Diener

Benefits to counseling:

●Greater self-confidence

●Better relationships

●Regaining emotional balance

●Increased assertiveness

●Stress relief

●Ability to set boundaries

●Trauma resolution

●Less anxiety

"If positive psychology teaches us anything, it is that all of us are mixture of strengths and weaknesses. 

No one has it all, and no one lacks it all."

-Christopher Peterson

Finding the right counselor:

●Ask trusted friends and family for potential referral

●Ask trusted doctor for referral

●Search online (

●Search for therapists that sees the population you are in need of (i.e., child, teen, adult, families, groups)

●Search for therapists that have experience with your needs (i.e., grief, depression, relationships, anxiety, self-improvement, stress, adjustment etc.)

●Find one within your budget

●Call and speak with counselor before making an appointment

●Find a theory of practice that fits your personality

Popular Theories & Styles of counseling:

●Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

●Solution Focused Therapy (SFT)

●Family Systems

●Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)

●Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT)

●Strength Based Counseling

“The good life is a process, not a state of being.”

-Carl Rogers

Types of counselors & licenses:

●Licensed Professional Counselor

●Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

●Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor

●Social Workers/ LCSW



"Every person on this earth is full of great possibilities that can be realized

through imagination, effort, and perseverance."

- Scott Barry Kaufman

Additional certified co-therapists

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